The difficulties encountered in the realization of the Graphemes project have changed my conception of artistic creation.

To my surprise, I had to simplify the graphemes to reduce their number. A three by three matrix gives a few thousands shapes, a four by four matrix a hundred million shapes, I don’t know how many shapes I could get from a five by five matrix. Sometimes my computer works full speed, days and nights, with millions of operations per second, before I get a result.

When a human draws or paints, the system which would simulate its creation act should be built on a thousands by thousands matrix, the total number of possible compositions is impossible to count. For example, a much simpler creative system, the musical notes of two octaves, on a few measures, with a restricted field of durations and intervals, gives a number of possible melodies that spans on a half page of digits, 60 lines per page, 80 digits per line.

Twenty digits are enough to count the number of sand grains on Planet Earth, a single line of digits to count the number of atoms in the observable Universe. So when a human draws a line here like that, or improvises a melody, or invents a pizza recipe, its act stands out from possibilities whose number defies imagination.

It’s magical, and computers are slow.