Loupe-magnifierI have tried, as much as possible, to give exact measures of print's image, paper and mat. These measures reflect the data at my disposition in 2014, and may not correspond to those of prints at the beginning of my career, as sizes of papers and mats were less stable. The images measures also may vary, some are measures of the image itself, others of the plate, whose bevel is not inked, and the paper size changes after drying. So there are differences, these measures are given as indications.

I have given measures in centimetres and inches. Yes, I was born in France, I grew up in the metric system, that is today the official system in Canada. So why these measures in inches? It is legal in USA, but mainly they are those I work with. The inches system, with its quarts, eights, sixteenth etc. is very useful when working with hands and eyes. A millimetre is halfway between a 1/16" and 1/32", but I frequently use 1/64", and sometimes 1/128", or 3/32", 5/64" how could I do it with millimetres? A ruler with tenths of millimetres would be difficult to read. In fact, the inches system, with its fractions, is a binary system like computers, perfectly suited for manual work, allowing to continuously scale the precision of measures according to needs.