My gratitude to those who contributed to almost four decades of creation. 

Thanks to you, who bought my work, its sale is my only income, you enable me to keep creating. The evolution of my art has been influenced by your choices. I ma glad to have worked for you, my numerous studies of Quebec City and Quebec's landscapes were an occasion to surpass myself, while pursuing less formal creative research.
Thanks also for accepting to pay sales taxes. We live in one of the best societies on the planet, you enjoyed it also if you came from abroad; this type of society is possible only if all its citizen, peoples and corporations, contribute. I know that in fact most try to pay the least ( except when purchasing lottery tickets), and that these taxes are often wrongly spent, and I seriously doubt that this best of societies can positively evolve in these conditions. To insist that the taxes be paid is for me a way to contribute for a better world, adapted to my condition.
More on this: Tax Justice Network

Thank you to Patrick, who represent me on the Rue du Tresor since many years, and thanks to those who represented me prior to him.

Thanks also to Real T. and his team, of whom Stephane, who helped me for years with their expertise in metallurgy.

Thanks to the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, who helped me in my beginnings.

Thanks to M-J.P., she knows why.

Thanks to Dr. Carol Pulin, for her great curatorial and educational work in North America, and to IPCNY, for their devotion to fine art prints and for giving world artists a chance to exhibit in New York.

Thanks to the artists who encouraged me at my beginnings, Pascale, C. and also Marius.

Thank you to all the Volunteers involved in the creation and evolution of Joomla!, the open source and free web publication system I used to create this site.

And lastly thanks to my family and friends, who supported me and accepted that my work is a solitary one.