«Computer art' has become a meaningless term, because soon virtually all art will be computerized in some way or another. The author introduces the concept of proceduralism as a label to represent a special class of art, one that constructs images using abstracts qualitative and quantitative parameters, rather than simulate classical drawing and painting.  This approach to making art differs radically from drawing and painting approaches because the picture-making process is detached from the picture. The net result is that an entirely new area of creativity has been unveiled for the artist.  As such, proceduralism  is a logical successor to conceptual/process art; it is a major art movement and a new medium.»
Abstract of The Proceduralist Manifesto, by Judson Rosebush, published in LEONARDO, Computer Art in Context, Supplemental Issue, pp. 55-56, 1989.


Prints are multiple originals, members of an edition.  In analogy with music, the engraved metal plate is like a score, each print is an interpretation of this score, of the etched plate.

Prices in Canadian dollars. The prices of recent editions are visible to visitors who have opened a private session. When the link "About prices" is not displayed, the price is not defined.

The equivalent of a plate in logical art is a digital file, often many files in different types, that can be materialized in many ways and sizes.  I consider an edition the set of numbered and signed prints generated directly or indirectly from the same source file.  Some of the digital works presented here are part of an edition.

Logic art prices vary according to the material and size choices made for the materialization of the virtual image.  There are many options, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..